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A hotel room in disarray – lamps broken, cigarette butts, liquor bottles – a dress, and a man accused of rape…

The accused white, the accuser black.

Two lawyers have to uncover and sift through the facts of the case: is the man guilty? And, irrespective of that, can his case be won?

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A play about love, loss and mental illness, Proof is one of the most acclaimed productions of this century.

Hal, a student of the recently deceased maths professor Robert, discovers a ground-breaking mathematical proof in Robert’s old office. The struggle is on to find out who wrote it.

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The Nativity Play Goes Wrong

The inept and accident prone Script Over Scripture Society (S.O.S.) are putting on a production of The Nativity story. On opening night nothing is going to plan. Despite a collapsing manger, a deranged donkey, and a director on the brink of hysteria, the show must go on!

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Look Back in Anger

Described as ‘a landmark of British Theatre’, John Osborne’s infamous play catapulted Jimmy Porter, the first Angry Young Man, onto the stage.

A vicious indictment of middle-class mediocrity, Look Back in Anger is an enthralling and disturbing work by a master British playwright.

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Miss Julie

Tired of her constrained existence as the daughter of a wealthy count, Miss Julie begins an illicit affair with her servant Jean.

August Strindberg’s timelessly provocative Miss Julie is a fascinating exploration of love, lust and power. It remains as resonant now as it was in 1888.

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A Christmas Carol

Reading Rep’s 2012/13 season began in December with a new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Christmas brings cheer to the curmudgeonly Ebenezer Scrooge.

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