9 - 21 July 2012

The Dumb Waiter

  • Written by
    Harold Pinter
  • Directed by
    Paul Stacey

“ Reading Repertory Theatre is an exciting and fresh addition to the South-East arts scene, and this production of The Dumb Waiter is an excellent start. ”

What's On Stage

  • Written by Harold Pinter
  • Directed by Paul Stacey

Locked in an airless and windowless basement room, two hit men await orders from Wilson, their all knowing but never present boss. Gus, haunted by the memory of the last job, knows that something is wrong when their normally faultless routine is interrupted by some mysterious happenings. Hilarity ensues as Ben and Gus try to discover who is sending the increasingly bizarre orders through the serving hatch.


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Reading Studio of Dramatic Art, Reading College, Kings Road, Reading RG1 4HJ

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