05 Apr 2020 - 01 Jan 1970

Education Pack: LOCKDOWN DRAMA

We have created fun educational packs that allow children and young people to be creative at home. They have been written by the tutors that run our Monday and Saturday Youth theatres and are full of games, exercises and fun videos.

PLAY PIECE: Did you ever want to write a play? In this pack you will write your very own play and we will guide you through the whole thing (and you might learn a few things along the way as well). This has been created with Primary School age in mind but will be great fun for older children as well.

Pack One


TOP SECRET: This encourages participants to become secret agents to solve a mystery. This pack caters to the needs of neurodiverse young people who have special educational need or disability aged 15+.

Reading Rep – Top Secret


Both packs have been created for a target age group. This shouldn’t stop people in other age groups taking part. We believe they are open and accessible for anyone and everyone to have a go.

– Internet access: the packs both have links to video content that we’ve created specially.
– Some coloured pens and pencils